Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walking in Their Shoes: ADHD and Learning Disorders

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have ADHD or a learning disorder like dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia?

The PBS Misunderstood Minds website offers a number of experiential activities along with a wealth of other useful information and resources.  Try a few of the links below to walk in their shoes for a moment:

1.  Visual Activity: Reading with Distractions "simulates what a child with an attention problem might experience during a classroom reading assignment"

2.   Auditory Activity: Listening to Directions "attempts to illustrate what it might be like for a first-grader with an attention disorder to try to concentrate on a set of oral instructions amidst a cacophony of classroom distractions"

3.  Decoding Activity: Recognizing Phonemes simulates dyslexia by having you try to sound out words without automatic decoding abilities

4.  Memory Activity: Recall and Understanding "simulates the effect that memory and attention problems can have on reading comprehension"

5.  Graphomotor Activity: Tracing Letters "is designed to simulate what a child with a graphomotor writing disability might experience every day"

6.  Composition Activity: Putting Ideas in Sequence "is designed to simulate what a child with a writing disability might experience during a classroom writing assignment"

7.  Arithmetic Activity: Using Basic Facts simulates dyscalculia by having you solve math problems without efficient recall of basic math facts

8.  Spatial Activity: Making 3-D Inferences simulates dyscalculia by impairing your ability to visualize "three-dimensional objects presented on the flat surface of a piece of paper or computer screen"

9.  Sequence Activity: Multistep Problems "is designed to evoke in you the intimidation and frustration a young student with a math disability might feel working out a problem that requires the integration of mathematics skills"

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